The children at St. Paul love music class!  Here is more information about what we are learning.

Prek: Our school uses the Prodigies Music curriculum to teach the foundations of music at an early age.  By the end of prek, all students can sing a C major scale, know basic rhythm patterns, identify color coded notes on the staff, and play many songs on desk bells, boomwhackers, and a variety of rhythm instruments.

To find out more about Prodigies music, check out this page.


Our Kinder/1st curriculum continues with Prodigies Music. All students also get a chance to learn piano basics, as well as getting individualized instruction.

2nd-4th Grade:  We participate in the Carnegie Hall Link Up curriculum, through which students get a chance to play recorder and sing with the Kingsville Symphony Orchestra.  We will also be using the Recorder Prodigies curriculum which builds upon the general Prodigies Music curriculum.  2nd-4th also get a chance to play handbells/chimes at the annual Christmas program.

All students also learn a large amount of Christian music, both at music class and at our weekly chapel services.  This includes whole school memory verses set to music and a variety of hymns and praise songs.  When possible, we bring this music out into the community, including singing at nursing homes and local events such as Bishop’s Wildhorse Roundup.

For more information about our music program, contact Allison Ulmer at!