What we believe

Q: What God does St. Paul Lutheran School believe in?
A: We believe in the One, True God, the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Q: What does St. Paul Lutheran School teach about the nature of human beings?
A: We believe that God created us, and the world, in six days, from nothing. We also believe that because our first mother and father, Adam and Eve, disobeyed God in the garden of Eden, the human race as well as the universe is plagued by sin. Every human being is born sinful and is responsible for their actions. The punishment that we rightfully deserve is death.

Q: If every person deserves death, how is one saved?
A: On account of the fact that we cannot and would not save ourselves, God did the work for us. Already in the Garden of Eden, God promised a savior for his people. He says in Genesis 3:15 to the devil, “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.” This prophecy came true on the first Good Friday when Jesus was nailed to the cross. Jesus’ crucifixion and bloodshed paid for the sins of the whole world. He was then raised on Easter to give his life to all who would believe in him. As Christians, we at St. Paul Lutheran School believe that Jesus: his life, death, and resurrection is the only path that leads from sin and death to eternal life.

Q: If Jesus is the path to salvation, how can I be made a part of his story of salvation?
A: God offers salvation and forgiveness of sins free of charge to those who trust in his promises. We call this having faith. While we do not believe that we have the free ability to choose to believe in God, we do profess that everything that God requires of us, he gives to us. This includes faith. Since God requires that we trust in his promises, he gives us this faith. He gives it to us through hearing His word. He gives it to us by being baptized. He gives it to us by partaking in Holy Communion. He gives it to us free of charge, not based on our merit, because of who he is and because he loves us. We in the Lutheran church believe that this is how God works, through Word and Sacrament (Baptism and Holy Communion). We believe this because this is how he has revealed himself and his work in Scripture (Holy Bible). We believe that the Bible is God’s word to the church. We believe that it is without error, and we believe that it is the only norm (rule) for faith and life.

Q: Why should I care about giving my children a Christian education?
A: As Lutherans, we believe that Christianity is not just merely a religion, but rather it is a way of life. Christian schools allow students to learn about world, just as would any child in any school, but with a Christian world view. Jesus is able to exist in the classroom. His forgiveness and life can be shared amongst students and teachers. Life is able to be seen as a gift of God in which he gives to his people his many good gifts. Belief and education are allowed to exist together for a more complete, holistic approach to both.

Q: Where can I go for more information about the Christian faith and about Lutheranism?
A: Feel free at any time to speak to the Pastor at St. Paul Lutheran Church. Rev. Ulmer can be reached by phone at 361-584-2778 or by email at You are also cordially invited to adult Bible study at 9:30 AM on Sunday in the parish hall and to church at 10:30 AM. Come and experience the gifts that God has promised to you. Join in worship, forgiveness of sins, and Christian fellowship.