Mrs. Wolf

Kinder, 1st, and 2nd: Reading and Language Arts —

Excitement is the word for us. Smiles, laughter, and learning goes on in our class! “Hi”, I am Nettie Wolf. I am so blessed to be able to teach these fabulous kiddos.

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    Reminder: Spring break is here! No school March 9-13. We will resume classes March 16. Have a safe week off.

  • Reminders!
    Tomorrow will be a half day. The students will be released at noon. There will be no after care provided. Spring break is next week. The students will return on Monday, March 16th. Have a blessed break!
  • Dinos. Last day
    Last day of our study of Dinosaurs. The children loved making there Jurassic Park project.
  • Awesome classes. Kinder, 1st and 2nd grades

    The hissing of rattle snakes and the large pythons were the words from last week. This week is the Roar of dinosaurs! We are learning about those extinct animals along with vocabulary that goes with our amazing study of dinosaurs. Our eyes are set on a curriculum full of fantastic learning. *1st and 2nd. **Reading comprehension, Language Fundamentals, Vocabulary, Writing, Reviewing nouns, Pronouns, Synonyms , and Antonyms. Along with art for each book we study for the week. Homework will be sent home some during the week. A book will be sent home on Fridays for a book report due the following Tuesday. *Kinder. They will be working on. * Reading comprehension, Vocabulary, Writing, Phonics, sounds, and blends, three and four letter words. Larger words are provided if they are ready for them also in our curriculum Visual Discrimination of pictures. Some homework may be going home during the week. Books will go home on Friday for them to read and return them on Tuesday. Do not forget our sight words. New ones are being added. Review those during the week. Exciting news— The Moon is the study for next week. This will be Fun! Any questions? Just call 361-537- 9906. These kids are so much fun and so willing to learn. Thank u for sharing them with me.

  • Dental Care Visit on 02/21/2020
    On Friday, Dr. Ruhnke’s dental assistants, Mrs. Brandi Ramirez and Ms. Brandi Garza came to visit the students and talk about dental care. They brought the students goodie bags with new a toothbrush, fluoride and stickers.